Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My mother, aleha ha-shalom (rest in peace) gave me a few cookbooks years ago. One is Food--Your Miracle Medicine: How Food Can Prevent and Cure Over 100 Symptoms and Problems, by Jean Carter (copyright 1993). Since I don't want to take a gazillion medications and/or nutritional supplements for every little thing that ails me, I decided to see whether the book had any dietary suggestions for ameliorating asthma.

Onions! Ah! I can't eat them raw, but I can eat them cooked, and since my mother always said that I wasn't getting enough healthy fats in my diet, what better way to kill two birds with one stone than to stir-fry some onion in extra virgin olive oil? Eye irritation? I'd been advised to try a Vidalia onion, so out I went and bought one. Almost no tears! Wonderful!

Until I looked at the book again.

"The onion is the richest dietary source of quercitin, a potent antioxidant (in shallots, yellow and red onions only--not white onions)." [Page 484. Bolding added.]

So I searched the Internet to try to find ways to cut onions that wouldn't hurt my eyes. Here's a good demonstration of how to cut onions without crying, along with an explanation of why it works--the tear-inducing part is in the bulb, so the trick is to cut out the bulb and throw it away.

Terrific! I bought myself a paring knife, as TOTJ Steve had recommended, and was all set to try this new technique tomorrow night.

Until I looked at the book again.

"The bulbs
contain at least three natural anti-inflammatory drugs that strike at the basic cause of asthma." [Page 347. Bolding added.]

Sigh. To quote an old song, "It won't be long before it's cryin' time."

On further thought, fatty fish (such as salmon and tuna) and vitamin C--a kiwi a day keeps the doctor away:)--might work better for me. But asthma or no asthma, I cannot eat jalapenos!


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